What to expect?

Five Element Acupuncture is a gentle, natural therapy.  Since most health problems don’t develop overnight, it follows that true healing requires a gradual undoing of old patterns.  Though some patients may experience very rapid results, in general, consistent and steady improvement will provide the most long-lasting healing.


If you are relatively healthy, receiving Five Element Acupuncture on a bi-weekly or weekly, or monthly basis can prevent new conditions from forming.  For this reason, this system of medicine is ideal for preventative care and health maintenance.

Your initial treatment will last up to 90 minutes; consisting of an interview, physical exam, and first treatment.  This is designed to give you ample opportunity to speak about your concerns at length.  A diagnosis consists of seeing a person’s presentation in the world, hearing their story, understanding the emotional content, and taking the twelve energetic pulses.

Each treatment thereafter lasts up to 1 hour and is scheduled on a weekly basis for a period of a month or two.  A commitment to a series of 8 treatments is highly recommended, because each treatment builds on the previous one by breaking old energetic patterns and establishing new ones.  As the overall condition improves and a certain energy balance is maintained in between treatments, they will be spaced progressively farther apart.

Generally people receiving regular acupuncture treatment experience greater vitality, reduction or disappearance of original symptoms, improvement in other chronic conditions that the person may have resigned to “live with” such as: sleep patterns, digestive issues, moods, circulation issues…

Overall people experience a better joy for living and better feeling of well-being.  Occasionally, people will experience temporary mild exacerbation of symptoms before they resolve.  This is called “the law of cure”.   If a person is concerned about intensification of symptoms, I am always available for phone consultations and can provide a recheck.