Your Spring Diet & Lifestyle Tips Not To Ignore!

Your Spring Diet & Lifestyle Tips Not To Ignore!

Now that we've seen the cherry blossoms and blooming clovers around town here in northern California, it's important to begin with an understanding of how each season affects every other. A sense of balance as we go into Spring is intricately connected to whether or not we took the time to rest in winter (restore, be still, and reflect.)

Spring is associated with new growth and expansion-- a time when seeds sprout and push upward toward the sun with a force.  A surge of energy and a feeling of expansiveness is happening all around us and we may be feeling it too.  So what should be our Spring lifestyle and dietary habits?  Here are a few not to ignore:

1. It's time to start exercising and sweating more.

2. Cook and eat lighter meals. In winter we tended to bake or roast our food to keep our bodies warm. In Spring steam and stir-fry!

3. Eat more leafy greens (Kale, Dandelion, Collards, Mint) Adding these greens help cleanse the liver of the fatty/starchy foods eaten during the winter.

4. Pucker up and eat more sour! The sour flavor is also associated with the liver organ which is stressed in Spring and needs help.  Incorporating more sour into the diet will help. Choose fermented foods and lemons and grapefruit as foods of choice.

5. Oil the joints and tendons by eating good oils. Flax oil, sesame, olive and coconut oil. In Chinese medicine the joints and tendons and sinews are also part of the Liver organ which is stressed in this season.  Adding good oils nourishes the sinews.

6. Eat what is locally grown and in season, as much as possible.

7. Be emotionally calm when eating, as well as to breathe deeply and thoroughly chewing our food.

8. Drink lots of fluids and adding lemon to your water helps to keep the liver functioning well.

9. And finally, get an Acupuncture treatment that upgrades your body and organs to the seasonal changes.  Especially if you are feeling more lethargic, notice more joint pain, or are experiencing allergies.