Easy Vegetarian Ramen Soup (Gluten Free)

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Easy Vegetarian Ramen Soup (Gluten Free)

Fall: crisp dry cold days and damp nights equals a hot bowl of homemade ramen. The benefits of this easy ramen soup are numerous.  15 minutes prep time is all it takes. The Benefits: Yin nourishing, moistens the lungs, cleanses the liver, natural probiotic, helps the thyroid, vegetarian and gluten-free. 

I am not someone who is known for measuring anything.  It's always a little bit of this, a bunch of that, and a pinch of this... so here it goes..


a bunch or handful of dandelion leaves

Organic/unpasturized/GMO free Red Miso Paste ( 3+ tablespoons or as desired to your taste)

1 cup shitake or mushrooms of your choice

2 stalks of scallion chopped

rice noodles (as desired)

sesame seed oil

dried seaweed (2-3 sheets or desired seaweed)


-Sautee mushrooms in sesame seed oil on high heat. Keep the mushrooms half raw so not a whole lot of sauteeing time.

-Add dandelion and stirfry lightly with mushrooms. 

-Cook the noodles until al-dente, and drain. Leave to the side.

- Add 2 1/2 cups of fresh filtered water back up to boil.  When boiled, turn off the flame.  

-Wisk in the miso paste into the boiled filtered water.  No flame on in order not to destroy the naturally occuring probiotics in the miso.  

-Once wisked through, pour over your noodles in a bowl, add sauteed mushrooms, dandelion, chopped scallion and dried seawead.