Scary Points Used In Acupuncture

Ghost Points And Why They Are Used

Scary Points Used In Acupuncture

I was a little embarrassed the other day when I tried explaining to a western medical doctor what "Possession" was in Chinese Medicine.  After which he exclaimed rather condescendingly and with a smirk: "sound's scientific.."  Using terminology like "Seven Dragons for Seven Devils protocol for treating demonic possession" or what practitioners in the Classical Five Element Acupuncture refer to as energetic blocks of emotional fixation may not sound scientific but it's a real treatment plan in this systmen of medicine.  In fact, before any other treatment can be done for a person suffering with any ailment, the treatment for "Possession" must be determined and that protocol must come before any other treatment plan.  

The colorful and mythical name of Possession and its acupuncture treatment protocal refers to the thirteen ghost poinsts and what is known as ghost syndrome.  Ghost syndromes are a group of symptoms that can be associated with mania, fright and schizophrenia.  These syndromes include "ghost talk," "ghost evil", "seeing ghost" and "floating ghost talk."  These rather unscientific descriptions depict the symptoms of mental unrest and disruption of the spirit.  Ghost evil is described as a "disorder probably attributed to demonic possession." (Deadman et.al., p.375) Floating corpse ghost talk refers to delirious speech seen in the terminal stages of pulmonary tuberculosis as well as other terminal stages. Seeing ghosts refers to delusions of ghost-like images.  And, ghost talk is delirious speech and ranting.  Ghost syndromes using the theories of Classical Five Element Acupuncture diagnostic approaches uses the Possession treatment plan which is to remove any blocks within the meridians that may impede further treatment.  According to the classics "Ghost Syndrome" is considered a type of possession.   It is rare that this syndrome appears unaccompanied by other syndromes and disease, which is noted by the overall disfunction of the majority of the organs/meridians throughout the body.  One might ask where is the root deficiency or root cause of this syndrome which in Five Element Acupuncture is called the "Causative Factor." The causative factor may be either the fire, wood, or water element.  In the appearance of ghost syndromes we see a decline and a strain of the majority of the body's officials (organs). The degree of damage indicates a probable congenital weakness in one of these elements.  However, the causative factor needs to be identified by assessing the individual's pallor, body odor, emotions and vocal sound quality.  The block known as Possession is assessed by examining the eyes for fixation.  During the first treatment this syndrome should always be addressed by first aid acupuncture treatment for hysteria which will address some of the acute symptoms and initiate the individual's calming.  The other two imbalancing blocks (Aggressive Energy and H/W) which are life threatening and can be felt on the pulses of a patient should also be assessed in the intial diagnostic exam and treated immediately following the removal of Possession and first aid treatment.  

In summary, this may sound like I am quoting out of a witches spell book, nonetheless believe or not,  there are thirteen points i.e.: (Ghost Palace GV26 0.3, Ghost Heart PC7 0.5, Ghost Road CV62 0.3, Ghost Pillow GV16 0.2, Ghost Cave PC8 0.2, Ghost Leg LI 11 0.5, etc...) and they are used to treat mental diseases i.e.; insanity with emotional depression and madness, to calm the spirit or to sedate each individual's specific cases pathology and other diseases. While there are two schools of thought for treating this manifestation of disease and the treatment may differ, Classical Five Element Acupuncture focuses and clarifies its treatment strategies, and does not get lost in the discernment of symptoms that a (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine approach would take.  And to top it off,  the witches brew would consist of also herbal treatments that are recommended as well and attention to each formula's ability to address an array of symptoms gives need for assessment and tailoring of herbal formulas to creat the appropriate treatment for a patient. 

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